OH...for FUCK's sake: A Vent Journal

OH...for FUCK's sake: A Vent Journal


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The Low-Down

Oh...for Fuck's sake is a hilariously profane vent journal made for vexed South African women by equally vexed South African women. In these times of unimaginable madness, our goal is to help you find the lighter side of life. This vent journal is filled with quirky vent spaces and prompts to help you pour your heart out and let go. We've also included sections such as "stuff that makes me happy" and "I'm fucking proud of myself for" to get some feel good vibes going after an intense vent session. 

Perfect for the woman who's thoughts aren't censored.

Key Features

*A5 size softcover journal with a glossy finish.

*Printed on premium creamy bond paper for a calming vintage novel type feel.

*Undated for a no-pressure journaling experience

*164 pages/40 days of hilariously profane venting

What's inside?

This 164 page beaut is filled with profanely intuitive vent spaces such as:

*"All the kak emotions I'm feeling right now"

*A vent page 

*"Crap I'm letting go of"

*"Stuff that makes me happy"

*"I'm fucking proud of myself for..."

*Hilariously profane motivational quotes/toasts to you 

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